If you have a small fire in your home, or your home burns badly…

Step 1

If your home has burned so badly you can no longer live in it, God bless you because you have a long road to recovery ahead of you. We are here to help in any way we can.

Step 2

Hopefully the fire department has put the fire out before the whole structure was destroyed, some of your personal contents are salvageable and repair of your home is possible.

Step 3

Make sure you get clearance from the fire department before reentering the home to check the damage and collect personal items. If the fire was severe enough, the electrical power and natural gas should have been disconnected and turned off by the fire department. The fire department uses vast amounts of water to put fires out, so much of your home will be very wet. Insulation in the attic gets heavy when wet, and ceilings may fall under the weight. Wear a dust mask and hard soled boots and use extreme caution when entering the home.

Step 4

Call Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay at 813-605-1624. We can handle all steps of the recovery process. We can empty the home of contents, while documenting and classifying the contents as salvageable or non-salvageable. We can clean and store salvageable contents so they are ready to return to your home when restored. We remediate the burned, wet and damaged building materials, and clean and deodorize the structure in preparation for the rebuild process. The principal owner of Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay is a state licensed General Contractor (CGC 1514699), and can manage the reconstruction and restoration of the whole home.

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Fire damage is one of the easiest to label as “sudden and accidental”

Unless intentional by the policy holder, can it happen any other way? Fires can come in all sizes; from the smallest stovetop protein fire (think bacon grease), to whole house destruction caused by faulty electrical wiring or a lightning strike. Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay has handled both these extremes, and everything in between. There is no doubt that a house fire of any kind can be devastating, even without injury or the loss of life, and I hope you’re not reading this because you’ve recently experienced a house fire. If you have experienced a house fire, the best road to recovery is short and quick while being fully compensated by your carrier to put your property back to “pre-loss” condition. If it’s a smaller fire, that may be easy. But if it’s a large fire, can you even clearly define what “pre-loss” condition was? Could you close you eyes right now and accurately list and describe every single object in your home? It’s unlikely.

Documenting the “contents” of your home, meaning your personal possessions and furnishings, such as window treatments, furniture, art, linens, electronics, appliances, clothing, jewelry, sporting equipment, photos, books, collections, tools, toys, and more, is probably the most difficult thing to do after a house fire. If you haven’t done so already, take a 5-second video of each room while doing a slow 360 degree turn to capture every item in view. Now go back and photograph the contents of closets, cabinets, drawers and cupboards. Don’t forget the basement of attic! Now make sure those videos and photos are stored safely in the cloud.


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