Water Damage Brandon helps you get through all types of fire damage.

The road to recovery after fire damage is understandably challenging. So, we’re here to help you any way we can. Our team handles all steps of the initial recovery process, from emptying your home of damaged possessions and classifying which ones are salvageable. We clean these salvageable possessions and remediate your fire-damaged property. Contact us for efficient reconstruction and restoration services.

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How Does Our Fire Damage Restoration Service Address Your Concerns?

Water Damage Brandon has built a solid reputation for quality and integrity since we opened for business in 2016. Our principal owner is a state-licensed general contractor and our trained team easily manages home restoration and reconstruction after a fire. We help you in multiple ways.

  • We take care of the cleanup. Then, we recover and clean your salvageable possessions.
  • We remediate burnt building materials and clean the damaged structure before rebuilding.
  • We help you determine whether you should file a claim with your insurance carrier.

Let us help you recover after a fire, regardless of how much damage it caused to your property.

What’s the Step-by-Step Process for Fire Damage?

You already have a lot to think about after the fire that damaged your home. We make the recovery a bit more manageable for you. Take a look at our streamlined fire damage service process.

Personal Inspection

  • Be careful when checking your home after the fire. Wear a dust mask and sturdy boots.

Fire Damage Cleanup

  • Our team empties the contents of your home and classifies the salvageable contents.

Fire Damage Restoration

  • We remediate the damaged building materials and get started with the rebuild process.

Why Choose Water Damage Brandon

We strive for a quick response

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire damage. Reach out to us any time of day or night.

We strive for honesty and integrity

Our team carefully documents the fire recovery and remediation process for your reference.

We look out for your best interests

Our team works to operate based on your best interests, not your insurance company’s bottom line.

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Where Our Services Are Available

Our fire damage repair and restoration services are available throughout Tampa Bay. This includes Brandon, Gibsonton, Lithia, Riverview, South Tampa, Valrico, and Eastern Hillsborough County.

What Do You Do When You Encounter Fire Damage?

The first thing you need is patience. The fire department has to put out the fire totally before they can give you clearance to survey your home, check the damage, and collect your personal items. Use extreme caution when you survey your home. Smoke fumes, wet surfaces, and ceilings that fall under weight are quite common.

When our team arrives on the scene, we clean up the fire-damaged house for you. Then, we document your house contents as salvageable and non-salvageable. After everything has been cleared out, we can start with the remediation and rebuild process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is professional cleanup necessary even if the fire is small?

Soot, smoke, and other fire residues aren’t easy to clean. The water used to put out the fire might lead to mold growth, too, if not cleaned properly. Our professional fire damage recovery team takes care of these for you

Can I stay at home throughout the restoration process?

You might be able to stay at home for the duration of the fire damage restoration if it was a small fire and the remediation isn’t extensive. Otherwise, you might need to stay at a hotel or arrange off-site housing.

What should I take with me while you restore my home?

The most important things that you have to take with you include critical documents (e.g., passports, birth certificates, marriage records, property titles), heirlooms, and other items of high personal or monetary value.

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From the cleanup process to the house rebuild, our fire damage recovery team’s got your back.