Water Damage Restoration in Brandon, FL

Water Damage Brandon suggests attempting to identify the source of the flooding. If it isn’t easily identifiable, we recommend you shut off the main water line and call us. Our team is ready for emergency inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

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How Does Our Brandon Water Damage Clean-Up Team Help You?

There are many possible reasons for you to end up in a situation where your house is flooded. But whatever the reason is, our flood damage repair team easily addresses it.

We readily provide water damage repair services throughout Brandon for the following scenarios:

  • Flooding due to thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy downpours, and other types of natural disasters
  • Puddles of flooding in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement due to blocked drains or broken pipes
  • Flooding and water damage to walls, floors, and ceilings due to clogged gutter systems

What’s the Step-by-Step Process of Our Water Damage Repair?

Don’t wait for puddles to turn into an indoor flood. Or if your property is already flooded because of clogged gutters or burst pipes, don’t let panic get ahead of you. Here’s how our water damage restoration in Brandon, FL addresses your situation.

Personal Inspection

If it isn’t due to strong weather, look for the source of flooding and turn off your main water line.

Professional Assessment

Contact us for assistance. We’ll get there as soon as we possibly can for a quick assessment.

Water Damage Repair

We’ll dry out your property, address the damage, and invoice your insurance company directly.


If you have a “sudden and accidental” water loss, you have good cause to file a claim with your insurance carrier, but WAIT!

Before you call the 800 number on your policy, know this: Once you call them to report the loss, you have already filed a claim, regardless if you follow through and collect money for repairs or not. You cannot “un-ring” that bell. With that in mind, here is a suggestion:

1. Contact Water Damage Brandon and let us provide you with a free evaluation for water damage restoration.

2. Get a copy of your homeowner’s policy and find the Declaration Page. This page is a monetary summary of your coverage, including the value of your deductible.

3. Ask yourself, “Will the cost of repairs meet or exceed your deductible?” If it’s less, or even close, it’s probably not worth filing a claim. In other words, if the total cost of dry out and repairs is $2750 and your deductible is $2500, then it’s probably not worth having a claim on your property insurance “record” to net $250. Save that call for when you really need it!


Why Choose Water Damage Brandon

We strive for a quick response.

Water damage needs to be addressed right away. So, our response team is alert 24/7

We strive for honesty and integrity.

Our team remains transparent about your water damage and how much it would cost.

We look out for your best interests.

Our water damage experts in Brandon work for your benefit, not your insurance carrier’s.

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While we’re talking about property insurance, let’s clarify a few misconceptions.


1. “My house flooded when my pipe broke, but I don’t have flood insurance, so I’m not covered.”
The truth is that Flood Insurance covers your property from rising waters coming from outside your home, not inside. Flood insurance is backed by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and their legal definition states: A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.

2. “I had a pipe break and my carpet is wet, but I can just use a shop vacuum to suck up the water and get a fan to dry it out.”
Unless you have ceramic or porcelain tile on your floor, you need more than a shop vacuum to get the water up. When water has been standing on your floor, it isn’t just on the surface, it’s now underneath the pad (for carpet) or underlayment (for floating/laminate) of your flooring. Modern stain resistant pad, floating laminate, or even the new “water-proof” laminate can trap water underneath and prevent it from drying out in a reasonable amount of time. If you don’t take the appropriate steps, you should start reading the another section of this website called “Mold Damage”, because that’s your future.

3. “It’s Friday night and my carrier can’t assign an adjuster until Monday, so I’ll just wait until I hear from him before I call a restoration company.”
See number (2) above. Also, know that if water was standing against your baseboards, it’s now behind your baseboards, and if it’s behind your baseboards, it’s in your drywall. Porous and semi-porous building materials soak up and “wick” moisture over time. Every minute that goes by the water is spreading and traveling further and further through your home. Your carrier wants you to act as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. That’s one reason they don’t apply your deductible to emergency services, and the same reason we don’t collect the deductible when working with most insurance carriers. They’ll apply the deductible to the repair or rebuild portion of your claim.

4. “I’m not sure what type of water damage is covered by my homeowners insurance.”

We’re experts in water damage restoration in Brandon, FL. Our team works directly with insurance companies to provide the flood damage repairs that you need. We know that insurance carriers typically cover burst pipes and accidental leaks as long as these instances don’t occur due to the homeowner’s neglect. Water damage due to fire incidents, hail and heavy rain, and roof leakage because of accidental damages are covered, too.

5. “My standard homeowners insurance policy covers all possible types of water damages.”

This isn’t always the case. The policy might not cover water damage due to the homeowner’s failure to repair an occurring plumbing problem, failure to turn on the heat during winter or other types of negligence. Damage due to intentional acts and natural earth movements like earthquakes and landslides might not be covered, either.

What Do You Do When You Experience Indoor Flooding?

There are three main things that you have to remember when you encounter indoor flooding.

First, you have to stop the water at the source. That means turning off the main water supply line if turning off the faucet or fixing the pipe won’t work.

Second, if the flood is severe or steadily rising, turn off your electricity line. Do this only if you can turn off the electricity without getting into the water.

Finally, contact our water damage repair team immediately. We’ll fix the problem right from the source to prevent further damage to your property.

Where Our Services Are Available

Our team provides water damage repair and restoration in these locations:


Eastern Hillsborough County



South Tampa


We also provide flood damage services in surrounding areas in Tampa Bay.

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We’ll address your water situation regardless of the time of day or night.