If you discover mold in your home…

Step 1

Attempt to identify the source of the water. That’s right, all mold in the home starts with moisture. If it’s concentrated in one place, then you’ve narrowed down where it’s coming from. But if many things in your home have mold growing in them, like leather shoes, purses, furniture, etc., then the you may be dealing with high humidity – especially here in Florida during the summer months.

Step 2

Check your insurance policy to see if you have Fungi or Mold coverage. It often is limited to $10k. Remember most mold claims start as water damage claims.

Step 3

Call Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay. We are a state licensed Mold Remediator (MRSR 2642). Insist that any company you hire to remediate prove they are licensed for that work. Note that Mold Remediators and Mold Assessors should be two different people from different companies when working on your property. Call 813-605-1624.

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Three things must be present to grow mold in your home, and two are almost always there

The first is the mold seed, or commonly referred to as the spore. The second is an organic material the mold can use as food. The final ingredient is moisture. Here in Florida, there are mold spores everywhere outside, and when they are outside you can assume some come inside no matter how clean your home is. Organic materials include wood, paper, dirt, dust, hair, bugs, or any carbon-based compound that grows such as plants or animals and their waste products. Again, no matter how clean you keep your home, we all have organic materials in our homes. For example, drywall has paper on both sides. So … to start your own fungi colony, just add water and let steep for a few days.

Not all homeowner’s policies have fungi or mold coverage. Look under your “Checklist of Coverage” to see if it’s covered specifically, and if so, does it have a limit. A common limit for mold coverage on policies in Florida is $10,000. However, since you must have some source of moisture to start mold growth, a portion of your claim value could be considered “water damage”, not mold damage. Restoration 1 of Tampa Bay can help you sort out your coverage by allocating estimate items to the correct category, helping to cover your total loss.


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