Water damage is unavoidable. It can occur for any reason, including inclement weather, blocked drains, and broken pipes. It may happen over a period or in an instant. No matter what kind of water damage it is, it can be disastrous to your home.

Failing to address water damage immediately will lead to bigger problems. It’s important to hire water damage repair services as soon as you discover it. Here are the possible consequences of water damage when you don’t act sooner.

Effects of Water Damage to the Home


Flooding, considered one of the worst consequences of water damage, can ruin floors, walls, and furniture. Wooden floors will swell and buckle, warping the surface and making it unattractive and risky.

Floodwater can climb up walls as the surface absorbs it, leaving ugly marks on the paint or wallpaper. Water-damaged furniture will require extensive repairs and restoration, or will be unusable and you have to throw it out.

Decay or Corrosion

Most residential properties are made of wood and metal, providing structural integrity. Although both are usually treated to be water-resistant, they can deteriorate under extreme circumstances.

Prolonged exposure to water will cause these materials to break down. When left unaddressed for too long, the damage can put the entire household’s safety at risk. A ceiling might collapse, or termites might invade the walls.

Electric Shock

In addition to floor, wall, and furniture damage, water crawling through the walls may reach electrical outlets. It may lead to electric shock, putting your entire household in danger.

For instance, stepping in a puddle of water that has been electrically charged will result in electrocution. In these cases, it’s best to vacate the affected room and contact a company that provides water damage solutions.

Mold and Mildew

When porous materials, such as wood, are exposed to moisture for a long time, they may develop mold and mildew.

Both can grow out of hand, exposing your household to health risks such as allergies and irritation. Prolonged inhalation of mold spores is dangerous to people with severe allergies or a compromised immune system.


Pests, such as termites, cockroaches, silverfish, mosquitos, and centipedes, are drawn to damp places. Any of them can turn pockets of moisture into their breeding ground, easily taking over your home.

In these cases, you must hire professional services to address water damage and pest infestation. Water damage may result in structural destruction, which would need expensive repairs. Pest infestation may present health risks, such as Lyme disease, allergies, and strep.

The Importance of Water Damage Solutions

Water damage is not something to leave for another day. If you notice a small leak or dampness in certain areas, you need to identify the source immediately. Doing this can help you fix the problem before it gets worse. If you encounter burst pipes, call plumbing services right away to avoid potential water damage.
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